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Attachment is the second portrait in my “Light and Shadow” series, which is a study of striking character traits and strong emotions with the theme of extreme light and shadow. The portraits are drawn based on modelled photographs, designed, composed, and directed by the me based on the character, personality, or emotion I aimed to depict in the portrait.  All the portraits in this series include some sort of simple yet unique drapery, which is my second favourite subject.  

I planned this portrait witnessing the unique friendship between Robert (the person) and Joey (the dog) while I was working as the residential artist in Everyman. I was inspired by it, because in my opinion attachment is one of the most important life pillars on which one’s emotional stability and confidence is built.  The portrait took about 100 hours to complete. I used coloured pencil for the main portrait and PanPastel to create the deep dark background. 

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I am a self taught artist. My passion is to portray the expressions, and capture the personalities, in people and animals