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About Laleh Kamalian Art

Laleh Kamalian is a self-taught British-Iranian artist who found art at a late stage of her life after working unhappily as a scientist for so many years.  After finding her love of art, she experimented many media and styles to finally choose colour pencil and pastel as her preferred media, and realism as the style most attuned with her personality.  Her favourite subject is human and animal portrait, where she aims to show the characteristics of the portrayed to the best of her ability.  However, she enjoys describing the nature beauties in the form of natural or urban scenery with her art too.  Starting art from the scratch in 2014 she has been working as a full-time artist from 2020.  However, during this short period of time, she has had many achievements, joining many exhibitions winning national and international awards. She describes art as the love of her life, a never-ending journey of learning, amazement and excitement, one she never looks back from.  She considers herself the living example of the moto: “It’s never too late!”

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