I am a self taught artist, currently living in Liverpool UK.  My journey to becoming an artist is a long and quite lumpy story, starting from medicine and science, moving from one career to another for over 20 years, searching for something that was not only a job, but that I enjoyed doing.  I discovered art in 2015 and have not looked back ever since.  I am the living proof of “it is never too late”!

My main interest is portraits from pets, wild animals and people. I mostly work with colour pencils, graphite and pastels.   

What I like to capture in my drawings are expressions, personalities and characters in people and also in pets and wild animals. 

I like paying attention to details. I believe those details in the eyes, lines, smiles and shadows will make all the difference, have to be recorded accurately and essentially will make the almost exact likeness, without making the drawing too realistic to look like a photograph and take the artistic essence away.  I spend a lot of hours, could be 20 or 150 hours, depending on the size and the elements on the portrait, to get what I want, but I think it is worth  every minute.  


This is a self portrait, one of the first portraits I ever drew, while I was in the hospital in 2018. This was essentially the start of my art journey. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I will normally get back to you in less than two days.